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A New Look!

Welcome Readers!

Don’t you just love the new look? It was not easy pinning down an image that I thought would encompass the genres I write in, and so many that I loved that didn’t have anything to do with what I write! It’s been a long time coming, but finally here at last. Please join me in thanking Dawn at Austin DesignWorks for her patience, understanding, and expertise working with me to find the perfect background for my new website.

To celebrate the new look on my website, blog, and facebook page, I’m giving away books. That’s right, Readers, freebies! The number 3 is the Admirand lucky number, so I’m giving away 3’s!

  • 3 signed sets of books in my small town contemporary trilogy: A Wedding in Apple Grove/One Day in Apple Grove/Welcome Back to Apple Grove.
  • 3 signed books in my historical Irish Western Series: The Irish Westerns Volume I/The Irish Westerns Volume II/For Love of Flynn
  • 3 signed soon-to-be-re-issued sweet short stories: Rainbow of Destiny/So Others May Live/The Lady and The Rake

Easy-peasy to enter, simply post your name and which book giveaway you’d like to enter on my FB Author page and either email your contact info or send a PM via FB. See? Wasn’t that easy? LOL!

I’m trying something new this year, beginning with the re-release of three of my sweet short stories in print and e-book format in January…and then, drum roll, please…I will be venturing into self-publishing *new* stories! I have a number of projects that for one reason or another (usually the “other”) my former publisher decided to pass on. Looking on the bright side, I have the final say in what happens in my stories…okay, okay, not quite the whole truth because my characters ALWAYS have the last word. So far none of them have told me to take a long walk on a short pier…yet…and I will be forever grateful that they have decided to start talking to me again.

Writing from the heart, about the things I love the most: Family, My Irish Ancestry, Baking and Gardening.

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