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Stay Informed
Stay Informed

Irish Westerns, Vol. 2

Irish Westerns, Vol. 2

Books 3 & 4

For those of you who prefer holding a book in your hands, C.H. has bundled books 3 and 4 in her bestselling historical Irish Western Series in this volume:

Pearl’s Redemption, Book 3
Pearl Lloyd would do anything to keep her ranch and protect her girls. When Davidson Smythe shows up on her doorstep claiming to have bought her ranch, she shoots first and asks questions second.

A Gift from Home, Book 4
John Reilly is expecting a package from home, something light as a feather and twice as sweet. Little does he realize the package isn’t the baked goods he’s been dreaming of but a grown-up version of the thirteen-year-old girl who used to follow him everywhere.

Books 1 and 2 are featured in Irish Westerns, Vol. 1